Why I created this course:

I used to dread getting my period.

It was painful and I felt like it was unfair that men didn't have to experience this each month.  I hated going to work during that time and social obligations annoyed the shit out of me. But I didn't know there was any other option except to "keep on truckin'.."  

If you're anything like most women in modern society, you weren't exactly initiated into woman-hood.

There was no ritual or party or ceremony done when you started your period. You were probably handed a pad or tampon along with a "welcome to the real world" sigh.  

I literally thought I had pooped my pants when I got my first period- I didn't know what the blood was supposed to look like, or that there was a reason my stomach had hurt all day.  It caught me totally off guard. I honestly didn't understand the point of bleeding, like on a physical and biological level.

It wasn't until 12 years later, at age 24, that I started to understand my body more than anyone else possibly could. It started with me tracking my period. I had used apps in the past but I'm not a techy person so I read books and tracked in a calendar.

After I learned about the physical changes that take place in my body, I felt totally comfortable with my period. 

A lot of my period pain went away!

From observing my monthly physical changes (breast tenderness, appetite changes, bloating, and dips in energy) I began to see that there were also emotional and mental changes that occurred. 

I began to notice patterns in my own psyche, the way I viewed myself, and in my interactions with others. 

I learned that it was NO coincidence that my relationships were way harder towards the end of my cycle, right before starting my period.

It was also harder for me to get any work done. My body really needed a lot of rest.  So over time, I learned how to schedule things around my cycle.  Saving most of my social and work obligations to the beginning of my cycle, and scheduling my massage or therapy appointments for the end of my cycle, when I needed the most support and self-care.  

My life completely took a different turn when I began honoring my cycle. It became a way for me to set boundaries (sorry, I can't do dinner that night- I'll be starting my period & will want to rest) and a way for me to honor how I felt (telling my partner to be sensitive with me during my pre-menstrual phase).  

My productivity levels would shoot through the roof because I learned how to work at APPROPRIATE times for myself. 

And my rest would really, really nurture me because I would make time for it and plan ahead to my PMS phase.  

My nutrition and eating habits drastically improved when I began to learn how to eat according to my hormones and my cycle phase.  

These days, my cycle doesn't need as much attention as it did in the past.

These days, I help more women with their cycle, as mine feels like clockwork. This is a great place to be, and I never would have imagined that my cycle could affect me as LITTLE as it does now. But it's because I learned (and you'll learn too) that when you look at the old pain and shift your life to heal it, the pain softens. You soften. And life really opens up.

I'm glad you're here.