Exercise 1: Your First Period Memory

Hey lady,

There was a time, before our mothers and our grandmothers and perhaps even their mothers, where all life and time was governed by the Moon cycle.

Before artificial light, hormone disrupting diets (ex. processed foods) and the rise of hormonal birth control, most all women would experience their period on the New Moon and would ovulate at the Full Moon.

The New Moon was considered the beginning of the month, the Full Moon being midway. This is how the first calendar ever came into existence.

For example, when the Moon in the sky was almost black (called the New Moon) and most of the women would begin bleeding, this was the first day of the month. From there, each day was counted until 28 days later, the cycle began all over again.

In fact, the word month comes from the word moon and the word moon comes from the word menses (menstruation)!

The reason women all over the world are now remembering this ancient wisdom and beginning to track their own moon/menstrual cycle is because it is our natural rhythm. And when we live in alignment with (or are aware of) our cycle, we can heal our bodies from the inside out! To need to heal, does not mean we are broken; it just means that there are solutions and ways that we can feel really good and really connected to ourselves, all month long!

To get more aligned with your own internal rhythm, let’s first explore how you feel about it. They say awareness is the first step, so we'll bring to light what we feel like when we think about our own cycle.

Meditate on, list out or free-write your answers to the following questions in the attached worksheet. Try not to get attached to the feelings that come, but rather be an observer and just notice your answers and how it makes you feel to think about this.